The A to Zen of Life

I was recently lucky enough to receive a wonderful canvas created by my super-talented friend Stephanie Block.

It shows the Dalai Lama’s “A to Zen of Life” which is simple enough to appreciate but extremely profound at the same time.

I’ve placed it in the house so that I make sure I see it every day, and I allow my eye to rest on whatever it seems to rest on as I look at it. The message changes on different days, with no input from me. Every message contains great advice to live by.  This exemplifies Zen, being simple, direct and effective.

I love it!

The wording is as follows:

Avoid negative sources, people, places and habits
Believe in yourself
Consider things from every angle
Don’t give up and don’t give in
Everything you’re looking for lies behind the mask you wear
Family & friends are hidden treasures, seek them and enjoy their riches
Give more than you planned to
Hang on to your dreams
If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door
Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it
Keep trying no matter how hard it seems
Love yourself
Make it happen
Never lie, steal or cheat
Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values
Practice makes perfect
Quality not quantity in anything you do
Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer
Stop procrastinating
Take control of your own destiny
Understand yourself in order to better understand others
Visualize it
When you lose, don’t lose the lesson
Xcellence in all your efforts
You are unique, nothing can replace you
Zero in on your target & go for it