I practice Zen meditation as taught by the Great Bodhidharma and it has changed my life for the better in so many ways.

If you want to learn more not only about Zen, but also Qigong, Kung Fu and Tajiquan then I suggest you jump over to the website of my beloved Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

The following resources have really helped me with my understanding, complementing my own Zen and Qigong practices.

The Complete Book of Zen

In this essential book, Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit explains the principles and practice of Zen with a clarity that can only come from true understanding.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit traces the history and meaning of Zen, following its geographical path from early beginnings in India to China, and then to Japan and Vietnam. He shows how Zen lies at the heart of all great works of art and culture, and then relates its practice to daily life, setting out how Zen training and meditation may:

  • Enhance internal strength, concentration, intuitive abilities and emotional balance
  • Allow inspiring glimpses of cosmic reality
  • Help reduce states of chronic and degenerative diseases

The exercises offer not only a spiritual appreciation of the practice, but also an actual physical experience of Zen. Irrespective of your religious or personal beliefs, The Complete Book of Zen will encourage you to explore your spiritual potential, and bring simplicity, focus and vitality into your life.

What I particularly like about this book is Grandmaster Wong’s simply, direct and effective transmission, bringing clarity rather than mysticism to the art of Zen in its various aspects. Simply brilliant.

Link to book on Amazon.

“True Meditation” by Adyashanti

This series of 3 videos was really helpful to me in understanding what it means to “just be”. The first two videos give a superb introduction covering traditional meditation practices and some of the challenges the student may face, while the third guided meditation can provide you with your own direct experience of what it is to “just be”.

Big Mind Big Heart: Finding Your Way

This book presents a highly original and accessible pathway to self-discovery and personal liberation. Since 1999 the Big Mind process has been experienced by many thousands of people in seminars across America.

Big Mind employs a Jungian voice dialogue technique that enables people to step out of limited self-concepts into awareness of their many different sub-selves (emotions/mental states).

In addition to exploration of the more familiar sub-voices like anger and fear, author Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel uses this technique to help people access the ever-present Big Mind/Big Heart awareness – the clear, “just being” awareness and the unconditional compassion that we all can experience.

The Big Mind process is now available in book form to bring readers of all backgrounds many benefits including: access to our innate wisdom, compassion and equanimity; openness of mind and ability to shift perspectives; greater presence and empowerment; and appreciation for the wisdom within all of our many sub-selves even ones we tend to dislike or disown, like fear and anger.

The book provides useful insight into personality, the conscious mind and relationship to the self.

Link to book on Amazon.

Zen Q&A on the Shaolin Wahnam Forum

These Q&A sessions took place on the Shaolin Wahnam Institute Discussion Forum.

Students asked a number of questions of Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, who kindly answered them in advance of a Zen course he was about to teach.

Link to Q&A on Forum 10 Questions to the Grandmaster on Zen

Link to Q&A on Forum 10 Questions to the Grandmaster on Zen Intensive in Hawaii

I would heartily recommend that anyone wanting to practice Zen take a course from Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

It will short-circuit a lot of time trying to develop the skill of Zen due to the heart-to-heart transmission of the skill of Zen during the course.